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Neu OMEN Cicada 41,5" Drop Through Longboard

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Neu OMEN Artemis 41,5" Drop Through Longboard

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Neu USD EUGEN ENIN Carbon Free

nur 306,60 / Paar *

Neu 2157BSTDAE46

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Neu 2159BSTDAE44

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Neu 2158BSTDAE42

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Neu RAZORS Shift 2 schwarz/ grau

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Neu KEBBEK Smoothcut 37"

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Neu KEBBEK Smoothcut 34"

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Neu KEBBEK TwinKix Terra Nova 43

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Neu Vorbestellung für das neue Emily Pross Pro Modell- Deck

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Neu MGP Ryan Williams 3D forged Bar

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Neu TEMPISH FLOW 42,5" Pintail Longboard

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Neu LONG ISLAND 33" Oasis

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Neu LONG ISLAND 30" Uluwatu

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Neu NAKED City Surfer 29" SurfSkate

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Neu NAKED Surf Signature 33,5" SurfSkate

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73 - 108 von 145 Ergebnissen

Lassen Sie sich inspirieren!

In recent years few if any have made such an impact on the sport as Nils Jansons has. As a kid he's relentlessly proven the blading world that he came to make a difference. Now as a young man it is no surprise that he is leading a whole new generation of bladers, and receiving a well deserved signature model from Remz.

Be inspired and skate the new REMZ Nils Pro!


Nils is one to let the skating do the talking for him and his Pro model reflects just that, a sober and stylish look packed with new features on the inside that will delight both the aficionados and those new to Remz. On the outside the skin was re-cut to fit more tightly around the shell, especially in the heel area, giving the skate a noticeable slimmer look compared to previous Remz models. On the inside an all new 'TruFit' Remz liner features a redesigned heel area constructed to allow the foot to move further back inside the skate for a more accurate fit & improved support, as well as reduce ankle width. Also improving support is the addition on the liner of an innovative lacing system paired with a new anatomic tongue, insuring your foot stays back and snug inside the PU shell. Last but not least we are all too familiar with how big Nils Jansons goes so Remz ditched the old style shock absorber and replaced it with a soft full 12mm PU cushion, your heels will love it.

Just like Nils' own setup, his Pro skate comes stock with the new FTL3 frame and his Pro model wheel from BHC. Perfect mix of technicality, comfort and style. Without a doubt the most exciting Remz release in years. Freedom-of-feet approved. Nils Jansons approved.

— Nils Jansons signature skate
— New generation 'True-Balance' Remz boot
— New 'TruFit' Remz neoprene liner w/ lacing system
— New 12mm PU shock absorber
— High Resilience (HR) skin structure
— Imported composite outer materials (man-made)
— Rear lacing System w/ waxed laces
— 58mm/88a Nils Jansons BHC Pro wheels
— New
Ground Control FeatherLite3 frame
— Remz one-piece soulplate
— 42 mm anti-rocker wheels
— ABEC7 bearings