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The TEMPISH COCTAIL is probably the most excellent size- adjustable Freestyle-/Street-/Slalom children skate: laid out for universal use, on the one hand as a high-quality sports device for Freestyle-slalom skater, on the other hand a top model for experienced Street-skater. The size of the skate can be varied simply easily and comfortably with a pressure on the side button and moving the front part of the skate size-wise forwards.

The black outside of the boot is made from double-layered hi-impact polyethylen/ nylon with many ventilation openings. The inside of the boot has a reinforced nylon/ Nylex which adapts itself to the anatomical form of the foot and maintains it with a memory-effect. The changeable clear cuff with black COCTAIL-logo is fastened with a screw agilely to the shaft. The outside boot disposes outside of the front white, changeable shock absorbers (SLIDER).

The skate is plentiful air- conditioned: the ventilation comes up to the sole thanks to the ventilating insert which is punched at the whole surface – as well as the orange tongue of the liner. The white upper of the liner is attractively decorated with zinoberred and orange spatulas and is hardened in the shaft with PVC with which a raised stability and protective wear is acheaved in the Achilles' tendon area. The changeable liner is lower and softer which allows the lighter performance of the Freestyle slalom elements. The anatomically formed inner sole is the uppermost, finer step to the insulation of pushes and jumps and the guarantee that the maintenance of the sensitive and fine contact is preserved between the skate and the ground. Silicone shock absorbers under the heel and the outside inner sole of plastic provide a comfortable skating. Shock absorbers, two insert insoles and a stiffened foam in the liner-shaft are the condition for good performance-results and for effortless skating performances with comfortable mobility.

The 3-fold fastening- system exists of an upper, even black closing-buckle for optimum stability. It is inserted – as well as the black quick fastener about the instep (Powerstrap) - inwards, so that there will not occur any collision with other performers of Freestyle slalom. The Powerstrap is equipped with a new contrived single-step buckle with very comfortable service. The buckles dispose of an eccentric joint for gradual, individual adjusting and are also protected against damage. The zinobered laces offer a light closing of the boot and lateral fit of the foot.

The frame is produced by CNC-technology and a very strongly hardened skeleton. The frame is strong, stable, robust and precise. It is providing a white and zinoberred stylish graffiti- imprint. 8 mm hollow axes for weight reduction. The assembly points between the boot and the rail have a hole distance of 150 mm.

The TEMPISH COCTAIL comes with white, U-shaped TEMPISH RADICAL wheels with an ideal hardness of 85 A. In front and behind with a diameter of 70 mm, in the middle of 72 mm and powered by ABEC 7- chrome-steel bearings.

Available at an unique SKATEPOWER special price: only 78.80 €.

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