NAKED Street Soldier 39" Drop Through Longboard


NAKED Street Soldier 39" Drop Through Longboard

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The NAKED Street Soldier is very agile and owns by its drop through assembly a low platform which offers – also in combination with the symmetrical shape - excellent Push- and Freestyle- qualities. The NAKED Street Soldier is stiff and therefore, moreover, ideal for Freerides and Slides. It is suited particularly for Slider, who reach during the slides with their hand under the deck, very well.

The deck consists in an 8-ply sandwich from maple/ fiberglass. Every sheet of veneer is hand-picked-up and fully-grown finest maple of the canadian Great Lake region. Every layer is laminated by triaxial Epoxy which is hardened by Polymerisation to raise the resistance. The construction was pressed under vacuum and gives its smart concave cross section to the deck. After the pressure the deck is carved exactly by CNC and therefore receives also its advantageous narrowing in the middle. Afterwards the deck is polished manually by experienced skaters.

The deck form was developed by advanced design software. The result is a perfectly symmetrical deck with a narrow neck, so that there cannot occur any wheelbites and at every end with Twintips. At the NAKED Street Soldier the foot areas are widened and with its smart concave cross section one can feel the edge of the deck much more easier, so that you have a much better control at Slides and Freerides.

The board comes with red 180 mm trucks similar to Paris 7 and 1.6 mm shock-absorber between the base plate and the top of the truck as well as wearing parts between screws and deck. This board is conceived for <= 75 mm wheels, without any danger of wheelbites. Not only advanced Freeriders profit from its black 70 mm wheels with a rounded edge. 608ZZ ABEC-9 Space Ball bearings contribute a remaining to the fact that you are able to cruise absolutely comfortably softy.


Tecnical Features:

Deck: 39“ dualdirectional Twintip- Deck with 8-ply canadian quality-maple/ Fiberglass pressed under vacuum with laser-cut HS 780- Aluminumoxyd Griptape and PHT Graphik on the bottom. Every layer is laminated by triaxial Epoxy which is hardened by Polymerisation. Smart concave cross section so one can feel the edge of the deck much more easier.

Length: 39.0“/ 99.0 cm           Width: 9.0“/ 23.0 cm               Weight: 3.75 kg

Flexibility: stiff

Edges: rounded, grinded, polished and waterproof sealed

Trucks: die cast aluminum/ chrome moly axle drop through mounted with 50 degree base-angle and 180 mm wide hangar equipped with 3/8"x 60 mm alloy steel- King Pins

Wheelbase: adjustable 29.38 – 30.0”/ 73.5 – 76.5 cm

Bushings: 85 A Super High Rebound Bushings

Wheels: 70 mm/ 80 A NAKED Freeride wheels with a rounded edge with 42 mm groundpatch with Super High Rebound

Bearings: 608ZZ ABEC 9 Space Balls

Loading Capacity: maximum 100 kg

 Usabilities:      Carving  ****

                   Slide  *****

                          Dancing  **

                        Freestyle  **

                         Freeride  *****

              Downhill  *****

             Pumping  ****

              Cruising  ****

***** Special SKATEPOWER Friendship- Price: only 179.90 €

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